The Handbook of Open Teaching Practices translated into Spanish!

The Handbook of Open teaching Practices, originally released in English, has been translated into Spanish by the Opengame consortium, with the special collaboration of Universidad de Salamanca students.

The OpenGame consortium collected 24 cases of real-life educators who are doing that, from teaching with open textbooks, to using wikis openly, to assess learners with the help of external stakeholders. For each of the 24 cases we have suggested how educators could replicate them, and which starting competences they would need in order to implement each specific practice. Also, we have collected these Open Education competences in a framework that presents the needed attitude, knowledge and skills to act as an Open Educator.

The OpenGame project is funded by the European Commission Programme Erasmus +, managed by the Spanish National Authority SEPIE, and coordinated by Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR).

You can download the spanish translation here

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