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2020 OPEN Education Conference Recordings

2020 Open Education Conference recordings are now available! Open Education Conference has  announced the public release of recordings from #OpenEd20. More than 100 hours of videos are available for everyone to view, share and learn from—from powerful keynotes to action-packed lightning talks to timely presentations on a wide variety of topics. You will find the […]

OERxDomains Conference

Last 21st and 22nd April 2021, and  organised by the Association for Learning Technology, took place the #OERxDomains21. It was the result of a special online collaboration between the Association for Learning Technology and Reclaim Hosting’s Domains Conference. the audience had the opportunity to listen outstanding speakers as Tuteleni Aseno from Oklahoma State University, Nicolas […]

Mapping Open Collections for Higher Education

Does your University have an institutional repository? Do you have or know of a collection of resources that is openly licensed or in the public domain? For example a repository, a digitised collection of arts, a collection of audiovisual resources… This article by  Jan Leonhard Neumann has been published at OER World Map Blog We kindly […]

The OpenGame results presented at the EDEN 2020 Research workshop

The OpenGame Competencies Framework, which outlines 8 competences that every educator should master to work with Open Educational approaches, was presented at the EDEN 2020 Research workshop on the 22nd of October 2020. The presentation raised a lot of interested, which confirms the need to reach a shared understanding about the attitude, knowledge and skills of educators […]

Ever heard of open textbooks?

Are you still using commercial textbooks? Up to the 2017 academic year, the Psychology Foundation module on the Psychology Major Programme of Dublin City University (DCU) used a commercial textbook to compliment the online learning materials provided by the programme team. Life as usual.  In the 2018 academic year a switch was made from this commercial […]

New report: “Open Education as a game-changer, stories from the pandemic”

During the fifth Open Education Policy Forum, organised by Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, with the collaboration of several institutions as Creative Commons, OE Global, SPARC, the Communia Association and the Slovenian Intellectual Property Institute, the study  “Open Education as a game-changer – stories from the pandemic” was presented to stakeholders. Written with through the collaboration of  researchers from […]

OpenGame results presented at TEEM 2020

The 8th edition of the Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM) conference will be held online from October 21 to 23, 2020. It is organised by the GRIAL Research Group of the University of Salamanca. This event brings together researchers and postgraduate students interested in combining different aspects of the technology applied to knowledge society development, with a special attention to educational […]

Transform your course into a MOOC: Impossible mission ?

Professor Juan Quemada has been teaching software engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) for many years. He was approached by the Spanish MOOC platform MiriadaX, with the request to develop a MOOC . He took the challenge. The decision paid off: over 200.000 persons have registered in the 8 editions of Juan’s MOOC […]

Teaching foreign languages through the use of OER

  Dr. Jula Titus, from Yale University, is currently using Open Educational Resources (OER) in her Russian language course , making them available through an openly accessible website. In this particular practice, OER are used to teach Russian by using poems, complemented by additional background information. They also include a glossary of terms, a series […]

Enhance your teaching by using open slides-playlist

The word “playlist” brings to mind videos or songs, but it can also be applied in teaching. Leonel Morgado, professor at the Universidade Aberta in Portugal, teaches programming and virtual worlds as tools for learning and business. In order to help his students to better understand the content of upcoming lessons, he produces six-minutes long […]

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