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Teaching foreign languages through the use of OER

  Dr. Jula Titus, from Yale University, is currently using Open Educational Resources (OER) in her Russian language course , making them available through an openly accessible website. In this particular practice, OER are used to teach Russian by using poems, complemented by additional background information. They also include a glossary of terms, a series […]

Enhance your teaching by using open slides-playlist

The word “playlist” brings to mind videos or songs, but it can also be applied in teaching. Leonel Morgado, professor at the Universidade Aberta in Portugal, teaches programming and virtual worlds as tools for learning and business. In order to help his students to better understand the content of upcoming lessons, he produces six-minutes long […]

Have you ever heard of “open flipped-classroom teaching”?

Professor Anna Förster from the University of Bremen in Germany has revolutionised the introductory course on Computer Science she delivers by adopting an inverted classroom format. She has rearranged the course structure, transforming face-to-face sessions into hackathons, where students  work in groups on practical exercises in sessions of 4-to-5 hours. Further, all the self-study content […]

Can MOOCs be used in classroom-based teaching?

Despite MOOCs are usually designed as distance courses, they could also represent a great support to improve classroom teaching.  Educators at TU Delft, one of the world-leading MOOCs provider with over 2 million learners, are encouraged to use MOOCs in campus education, mostly in a blended model. As an example, one of the authors of […]

Online Course on Open Education, copyright, and open licensing

UNESCO has partnered with the OERu and the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) to provide free access to an online micro-course on Open education, copyright, and open licensing in a digital world (LiDA103). This professional development opportunity is open for all educators. Commencing on 9 September 2020, the UNESCO / ICDE Chair […]

Using open textbooks: how easy is that?

Imagine if instead of having to buy a textbook for their courses, your students could simply download for free the course content as an open book on the web. Also, imagine if during the course they could annotate the book online and propose improvements and modifications, for example in case a paragraph is not clear […]

The OpenGame Handbook of Open Teaching Practices is out!

Have you ever wondered what it means, and what it takes, to “teach in the open”? OpenGame has collected 24 cases of real-life educators who are doing that, from teaching with open textbooks, to using wikis openly, to assess learners with the hep of external stakeholders, and more. For each of the 24 cases we […]

The OPENGAME project inspires students to create OER games

During the last few months, the CDP of Nantes (Pedagogical Development Center) and the EDNA* (Design school of Nantes Atlantique) have been working together on Open Education Resources.   *EDNA is a private design school for higher education dedicated to design professions, located in Nantes (France) and founded in 1988. EDNA works with partners such […]

Open Education Global Conference 2020

The Taipei Medical University and Open Education Global, with the support of eCampusOntario, and Delft University of Technology, will organise of the 2020 Open Education Global Conference, which will take place online from 16th – 20th November 2020. The conference theme will be Connecting the Global Open Education Community, and will be a great opportunity to […]

Nantes Pedagogical Initiatives Week

On Wednesday, 5th of February 2020, the European project for strategic innovation partnerships, Open Game, with leader Universidad de la Rioja (Spain) was presented to participants passionate about building serious games during Pedagogical Initiatives Week organised by the University of Nantes. The OPENGAME project (Promoting open education through gamification) aims to contribute to the adoption […]

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