OpenGame Project Final Event

The final OpenGame Project results presentation will take place next September the 30th, at the University Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Salamanca.
The event will give the attendees the opportunity to learn about the project main outputs, scientific results, and expected outcomes.

As well as all the partners involved in the project implementation, several experts and people with similar interests will attend the event to enhance the Open Education learning process set up by the project.

Further information is available at the event website:

Attendance is free and registration is required here: https://f8uhzdtdf7 

The OpenGame project (Promoting Open Education through Gamification (2019-1-ES01-KA203-065815) is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Survey on Open Educational Resources

The European Network for Catalysing Open Resources in Education, encore+, is a Erasmus + Knowledge Alliance project cofounded by the European Commission that supports the uptake and innovation of Open Educational Resources for education and business.

The encore+ survey on the perceived value of using open educational resources (OER) in European higher education and businesses has just been launched. Please contribute to mapping out the potential and attitudes towards open educational resources (OER) by answering to the survey at this link .


Seminario: La educación abierta a través de la gamificación

El próximo martes 22 de junio, la Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) celebrará el evento multiplicador denominado “La educación abierta a través de la gamificación” dentro de las acciones del Proyecto Opengame

El evento, financiado por el programa Erasmus+ de la Unión Europea, dará a conocer sus principales resultados, entre los que destaca la creación de un juego educativo que nos permitirá conocer qué es, qué características tiene y cómo podemos sacar partido a la Educación Abierta.

Se presentará asimismo una Guía de buenas prácticas para la educación abierta   realizada de manera conjunta por las seis universidades participantes en el proyecto.

La agenda del evento es:

22 de junio de 2021 – 18h CEST


La asistencia es gratuita, y es necesario registrarse aqui


Open Education Conference 2021: Call for proposals

The 2021 Open Education Conference is inviting proposals for live and pre-recorded virtual sessions to be held on October 18-22. Proposals are enthusiastically welcomed from everyone with an interest in sharing about open education, especially from students. You will find information about the the conference theme, topics, session types, and guidelines here.

The theme of the 2021 Open Education Conference is “Making Open for All.” This theme puts action for equity and inclusion at the center of this year’s event, building on last year’s focus on reimagining open education as a solution to urgent challenges.

The Handbook of Open Teaching Practices translated into Spanish!

The Handbook of Open teaching Practices, originally released in English, has been translated into Spanish by the Opengame consortium, with the special collaboration of Universidad de Salamanca students.

The OpenGame consortium collected 24 cases of real-life educators who are doing that, from teaching with open textbooks, to using wikis openly, to assess learners with the help of external stakeholders. For each of the 24 cases we have suggested how educators could replicate them, and which starting competences they would need in order to implement each specific practice. Also, we have collected these Open Education competences in a framework that presents the needed attitude, knowledge and skills to act as an Open Educator.

The OpenGame project is funded by the European Commission Programme Erasmus +, managed by the Spanish National Authority SEPIE, and coordinated by Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR).

You can download the spanish translation here

2020 OPEN Education Conference Recordings

2020 Open Education Conference recordings are now available!

Open Education Conference has  announced the public release of recordings from #OpenEd20. More than 100 hours of videos are available for everyone to view, share and learn from—from powerful keynotes to action-packed lightning talks to timely presentations on a wide variety of topics.

You will find the recordings here

Mapping Open Collections for Higher Education

Does your University have an institutional repository?

Do you have or know of a collection of resources that is openly licensed or in the public domain? For example a repository, a digitised collection of arts, a collection of audiovisual resources…

This article by   has been published at OER World Map Blog

We kindly recommend to continue reading it at 

The OpenGame results presented at the EDEN 2020 Research workshop

The OpenGame Competencies Framework, which outlines 8 competences that every educator should master to work with Open Educational approaches, was presented at the EDEN 2020 Research workshop on the 22nd of October 2020. The presentation raised a lot of interested, which confirms the need to reach a shared understanding about the attitude, knowledge and skills of educators that can guide the transition towards more open (and equitable) education settings.

The OpenGame competencies framework is available here:

Ever heard of open textbooks?

Are you still using commercial textbooks?

Up to the 2017 academic year, the Psychology Foundation module on the Psychology Major Programme of Dublin City University (DCU) used a commercial textbook to compliment the online learning materials provided by the programme team. Life as usual.

 In the 2018 academic year a switch was made from this commercial textbook to an open textbook by the Canadian Edition Open Textbook Project: this textbook was selected because it was high quality in terms of content and structure, and was sufficiently detailed to replace the textbook that had been used. This simple choice has brought to zero the textbook cost for the module, eliminating any issues with students access because of cost or lack of access through the institutional library. Also, the success of this practice has opened the door to, and strengthened the case for, the replacement of commercial textbooks with open textbooks in other modules’ reading lists.

Do you want to know how the DCU team led by Dr James Brunton did it? Check out Practice 3.1 in the OpenGame Handbook of Successful Open Teaching Practices.

New report: “Open Education as a game-changer, stories from the pandemic”

During the fifth Open Education Policy Forum, organised by Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, with the collaboration of several institutions as Creative Commons, OE Global, SPARC, the Communia Association and the Slovenian Intellectual Property Institute, the study  “Open Education as a game-changer – stories from the pandemic” was presented to stakeholders.

Written with through the collaboration of  researchers from Poland, Italy, Greece, Uruguay, and Brazil, the report provides a comparative analysis of the role that Open Education has been playing in overcoming the educational crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The analysis aims to gather information about the most interesting and influential Open Education initiatives which could inspire and hopefully permanently revolutionize remote education systems around the world. An important objective is to initiate a discussion on the role played by Open Education during the pandemic and to provide arguments to support public policymaking.

Further information:

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